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Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel Matte 4-Line Dial Ref. 5512 - Twain Time, Inc.


Rolex, Submariner 4-Line Matte Dial, Ref. 5512

REF. 5512

About the brand


Founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905, Rolex is the world’s most famous luxury watch brand. The Rolex name is synonymous with prestige and accomplishment, and its watches are prized for their recognizable designs and impressive performance. Much of the company’s success lies in its commitment to continuously improving upon early innovations (such as waterproof Oyster cases and self-winding Perpetual movements) while never straying far from the watch designs that made Rolex a household name.

The Rolex watch collection is largely made up of two main lines: the Classic line and the Professional line. Classic Rolex watches include icons like the versatile Datejust, the prestigious Day-Date (known as the Rolex President), the simple Oyster Perpetual, the travel-ready Sky-Dweller, and the lavish Pearlmaster. Professional Rolex watches include popular models like the Submariner and Sea-Dweller dive watches, the GMT-Master pilot watch, the Daytona racing chronograph, the Yacht-Master sailing watch, the Explorer adventuring watch, and the Milgauss antimagnetic watch. The common thread between these Professional models is that Rolex developed them as tool watches for specific audiences. However, the appeal of these tool watches soon expanded to a much broader audience who were looking for robust yet luxurious sports watches to enjoy every day.

Rolex watches are famous for retaining their value, and they can often even increase in value over time. Vintage Rolex watches are some of the most collectible in the market, while the popularity of modern Rolex watches can command higher-than-retail prices.

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