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Franck Muller Long Island 18K Yellow Gold Ref. 1000 SC - Twain Time, Inc.


Franck Muller, Long Island, Ref. 1000 SC

REF. 1000 SC

About the brand

Franck Muller

Founded in 1991, the eponymous Franck Muller brand is relatively young when compared to other high-end watchmakers. Yet, regardless of its shorter history, Franck Muller has made an indelible mark on high horology thanks to its independent spirit and culture of innovation. The brand's headquarters is located on a property called Watchland in Genthod, Switzerland, where the production of Franck Muller watches is done. This includes conception, research, development, watchmaking, assembling, case manufacturing, engraving, etc. 

Franck Muller watches are recognized for their unique designs, characterized by strong case shapes and bold dials. Some examples include the tonneau (barrel) shaped Cintrée Curvex, Skafander, and Vanguard, in addition to the right-angled silhouettes of the Long Island and Master Square. The ladies' watch offerings from Franck Muller are particularly decadent (and often joyfully colorful), with plenty of dazzling diamond-set pieces from collections like the Galet, Infinity, and Heart. 

Along with striking watch designs, Franck Muller is also known as "The Master of Complications." Not only did the brand unveil the world's first tri-axial tourbillon called the Revolution 3 in 2004, but it also unleashed the Aeternitas Mega in 2010 as the world's most complicated watch fitted with an astounding 36 complications, 21 hands, and a movement with 1,483 parts. 

However, Franck Muller is perhaps best known for its famed Crazy Hours concept, where the numbers on the dial are not laid out in traditional sequence. Still, the mechanical movement inside the watch allows the hour hand to jump to the next hour in the correct order. 

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