The 5 Most Talked-about Watch Brands During The Lockdown

The 5 Most Talked-about Watch Brands During The Lockdown - Twain Time, Inc.

Holding the prime positions & showing consistency in unprecedented times, here in this article, we will discuss the 5 watch brands that sparked discussions & continuously were in trend on social media during the global pandemic(Covid-19).

We are currently dealing with a global crisis of a level that has not been witnessed in a long time in human history. The adverse consequences of the Novel Coronavirus can be clearly seen all over the world. Still, its ill effects surpass the medical realm. Businesses everywhere are facing the grimmest of times & so does the luxury timepiece industry. The Covid-19 outbreak & resulting pandemic have left a ripple effect in all corners of our lives, including our spending habits, with luxury sales for spring 2020 at 70% lower than last year. 

Simultaneously, the global pandemic has driven luxury watch brands to step up their e-commerce game. Watch brands that will top the list post-lockdown will probably be those who succeeded in engaging customers through seamless online shopping experiences.

The Covid-19 quarantine also inspired the community to develop novel ways to connect & share their passion for watchmaking, with ideas such as the Deployant ""Shoot Your Watches!"" initiative. Panerai continuously kept its audience engaged with some kind of fascinating weekly talks on the #OwnYourTime interactive platform. 

Brands & blogs alike were rolling out ways to bring their communities together, such as Theo & Harris' vlogs documenting how they adapted to quarantine. Amidst one of the most unprecedented times in recent history, we look at which brands managed to stay relevant on social media, using social listening tools to identify those mentioned the most.


Unquestionably the name Rolex is the most popular luxury watch brand on social media, featuring in the columns of some of the most prestigious magazines & the number-one watch brand on TikTok. The most prominent & grandest luxury watch manufacturer of this modern generation, Rolex, announced on 17th March that it would be closing down its plants for 10 continuing days due to the Coronavirus scare. 

Still, Rolex was everywhere present & trending on social media. Rolex timepieces own a reputation for being markers of success. A 2018 marketing manual describes it as the most aspirational watch brand.


Here is a brand that has used e-commerce & online experience to keep clients interested even during a pandemic by bringing their creations. According to reports, the Parisian luxury watchmaker & jeweler mustered up a donation of 1 million Arab Emirates Dirham to 'The Homeland of Humanity fund' of the Emirates Red Crescent. With approximately 80% of its shops closed in April, the label formed the Watchmaking Encounters platform to showcase new releases.

This leveraging of online platforms helped it to stay active on social media. In an interview, Chief Executive Cyrille Vigneron said that more people were reaching out to ask how they could get products shipped to loved ones for birthdays & other notable happenings, showing how e-commerce can help connect people.


Vacheron Constantin embraces digital technology & social media, allowing the company to better understand & communicate with their clients. However, top-quality watchmaking is unquestionably still & will always be a practice that can not be hurried. Digital mediums, or let's say the Internet, have furnished this brand with the possibility to better & more directly communicate & exchange with their clients. 

In return, people are avidly looking for our novelties & are expecting to see these watches at their wrists as soon as possible.


The 175-year-old Genevan brand, founded by a Polish immigrant, defines the best of Swiss watchmaking heritage. Appreciated for its exquisite hand craftsmanship, the brand makes only 62,000 timepieces annually & features high on the list of collectors worldwide. Patek Philippe is among the few brands to continue to launch new watches this year. 

Patek Philippe's surprise announcement that it was re-opening production facilities earlier than most would have drummed up in April some discussion on social media. Like Rolex, Patek is a mainstay of our Top 5s whose efforts to remain present on social media will have been essential in connecting with fans during the lockdown.


Before shuttering its manufacturing facility, the brand introduced modernized versions of its iconic Offshore chronograph that were lusted over many blogs. This well-timed release will have helped the brand stay relevant when people’s minds were elsewhere.


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