Sell, Trade Or Consign Your Watch

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We may offer to purchase your watch outright, rather than consign it.  

If we consign it, naturally the higher the value of your watch, the lower our  

percentage commission. This starts with watch values of circa £20,000 and  


With large physical overheads, traditional retailers and auction houses, are  

restricted in their competitivity. As an online business, we can price your  

watch for liquidity, but you still make a better return.  

In the digital market, we have a worldwide reach.  

All watches are fully insured whilst in our custody.  

The average time-frame between consignment and sale, is 12 weeks.  

Naturally there are exceptions, and if after three months, your watch still  

hasn't sold, you may request its return. 

We guarantee the authenticity of a watch for life and give a 12-month  

warranty on all our watches after sale, so quality-control is very important to  


We can arrange for servicing or valeting of your watch, if either is  

appropriate, before listing. We will discuss this with you before agreeing to  

the consignment. 

If no cancellation occurs during the 7 day return period, or subsequently  

due to a defect with the watch, we will arrange for payment to you within  

14 working days of the expiry of the “cooling off” period.  


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